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About US

Who we are?

“Get IT Done” is our motto here at Versed Planning, and we live by that. No matter what the goal is, we seek success.

Versed Planning is organized by two sisters who have uniquely different lifestyles and ironically uniquely different views of life’s challenges.

Firstly, one of us resides in a busy city in NY. The other lives in the suburbs of Texas.

One of us is willing to try new things with no real fear of failure. The other is calculated in her approach and does a risk analysis on whether she will fail, or not before trying. Both views are interesting, and we will share those with you soon.

Both sisters are Goal-Getters! Our lives can get hectic, but we make it work no matter what.  

Planning has put us in a position to be more prepared than ever before and we wanted to share some of that with you all!

2020 came in and seemingly shocked the world. A lot of people were unprepared. What we have learned from 2020 is to be more prepared than ever before.

Versed Planning has so much more coming, so make sure you stick around to see.

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For now, do not forget to purchase your 2021 Get It Done planner!!

Versed Planning is finely crafted to reflect the people on our community who are bold, fearless and creative. Our planner is…


Focused on developing leadership traits, inspiring, empowering and nurturing. As you use our products daily, and focus on each quality, the traits will become habits.


Beautiful, stylish, classy with bold, sleek covers, and creative, clean and colourful content inside.


Functional, structured and organized. Business travel or meeting ready: compact, light, lay-flat design, quality ink-proof pages.